Trends and Prospects for the development of the textile industry

On June 3, a scientific and educational seminar on "Trends and prospects for the development of the textile industry in Armenia and the countries of the European Union" was held in the Gyumri branch of the National Academy of Sciences.
The topic under discussion was "discussion of the Armenian textile industry development plan for 2023-2026 in the context of trends and prospects for the development of the textile industry in the European Union countries."
The seminar was attended by chief technologists of textile enterprises of the Shirak region and representatives of organizations working in this field.
The following reports were presented at the seminar․ 
Sustainable textile industry.
 Export of textile products from Armenia.
Legislative norms in force in the textile industry of Armenia. 
 SWOT analysis of TTA development prospects.
✅Processing of textile waste. 
✅Education in the textile sector of the Republic of Armenia.
At the end of the seminar, a discussion took place between technologists of enterprises and specialists of the textile industry of the branch on the development of a work plan for trainings on "waste-free production and preservation of a green and ecological environment", which will be held within the framework of the RECONOMY program.