About us


To provide educational services through pre-university, university, post-university  and continuing education programs, as well as to implement scientific projects that address the educational and technological needs of the region's economy and society. To foster the development of the region's scientific and technical potential by preparing students and schoolchildren for life, career choices, professional orientation and advancement, enabling them to effectively operate within industrial and informational infrastructures. To support and actively participate in the establishment and development of the Technopark in Gyumri by contributing to the formation of a qualified modern workforce equipped with contemporary scientific and technological knowledge, creativity, and innovative thinking.

About Us

The Gyumri Branch of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia (Polytechnic) is the successor of the Leninakan Branch of the Yerevan K. Marx Polytechnic Institute  established in 1959. Since its inception, it has been the only higher education institution in the Shirak region offering technical education, significantly shaping the region’s technical expertise, supporting its industry, and training its leadership.Over its 53-year history, the branch has trained approximately 10,000 engineering professionals in nearly twenty specialties. The range of specialties has continuously adapted to the region’s development and the evolving demands of the labor market.In parallel, the educational standards, curricula, course offerings, and the scientific-methodological foundations for organizing the educational process have been consistently updated to meet the standards set by the University’s main campus in Yerevan. In certain specialties not offered at the Yerevan campus (such as textile and light industry sectors), the branch has been a pioneer in Armenia, becoming the sole institution developing and implementing educational standards in these fields.Over the past two decades, the fundamentally new social and economic situation in the disaster zone  along with the new political and social environment resulting from the independence of the Republic of Armenia, has significantly changed the role of the branch in the region. The branch has responded to new challenges by diversifying and modernizing its educational programs. Specifically, pre-university educational programs, including high school and vocational training, have been organized. Currently, the branch offers all levels of education: high school, vocational training, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs, ensuring continuity of education, graduation from any program, and the possibility of advancing to higher educational levels.A new market for educational and scientific services has now emerged in the region. Previously, Gyumri had one state university and one branch. Now  the city has one state university, branches of five Yerevan universities  and six non-state universities. This situation, coupled with the continuous population decline in the city over the past decade, has created intense competition among universities, characterized by features typical of commercial enterprises. In response, the branch is implementing significant and fundamental reforms to ensure a high quality of scientific and educational services that adequately respond to regional developments. These reforms include creating a university environment conducive to student life, addressing the social needs of the branch's staff, and guaranteeing stable financial support to improve the technical equipment of the branch's infrastructure and departments by applying new economic approaches.